Meet White Blue Eyes Persian Cats Rarest in the World (VIDEO)

Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds in North America. They look beautiful with their long, flowy coats and have a calm, affectionate temperament. Persians are not very energetic. They are happy lounging on the couch and achieve contentment getting ear scratches and gentle hand contact by their humans.



I have a long haired Persian and he most definitely does not need to be brushed everyday especially for 15 minutes. I only have to brush him two to three times a week for like 5 minutes top and he’s long haired, she’s exaggerating, also my Persians eyes to do not need to be cleaned daily. If you ask a breeder or a vet person they’ll say it depends on the Persian. An extreme faced Persians eyes will probably have to be wiped daily but it also just depends. You shouldn’t classify all Persians to having these same requirements cause it’s just not accurate.

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