Miracle Dog Beat Death After Being Dumped Down Garbage Chute

The miracle dog, a pit bull by the name of Patrick, was discovered in 2011 in Newark, New Jersey, at the bottom of a garbage chute. This discovery occurred the day before Saint Patrick’s Day, which is how his name came to be. When Patrick was saved, he was only a few minutes away from getting sucked up by the garbage compactor.



Patrick was in critical condition and there was little chance he would survive, but thanks to some construction workers who noticed something moving in the trash and the prompt action of volunteers from Associated Humane Societies, the dog was taken to a veterinary clinic where they examined him and administered the necessary treatments.


“Vet personnel started giving him IV fluids right away. Her body temperature was so low that the thermometer didn’t even read it.

Patrick’s official Facebook page was posted by him. The Patrick Miracle was started by the clinic staff, and as a result, many donations were made to aid in the recovery of the dog who is believed to have been in at the time he was only a year old. The case quickly gained media attention thanks to this.



The fear that people instilled in Patrick was evident, and it is totally understandable given the severity of his injuries. Patrick’s life had not been easy at all; he had gone months without food, tied up a railing for seven days, and then dumped it down the garbage chute as if it were just another piece of trash.

The director and founder of Garden State Veterinary Specialists, where Patrick received treatment, Dr. Thomas Scavelli, stated that the dog didn’t seem to have been famished for only a month.


Observed Dr. Scavelli:


See the spirit of the dog. “It’s probably about the entirety of his life, or at the very least months and months of abandonment, and yet he cares about people, and this is really the most interesting and rewarding thing.” He is a fantastic fighter.

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