Mistreated By A Group Of Young Men And Nearly Lost His Life, The Cat Is Lucky To Meet The Woman!

A group of heartless bastards in Rostov wrapped an adult cat in silver construction tape and threw it on the grass in the park. On that day, schoolgirl Lena wouldn’t go home through the park, but something pulled her there.



Walking along the alley, she saw teenagers kicking a helpless animal in the grass and used the camera to record a video. Lena chased the boys away and tried to free the cat.

But when the headband started to come out with the fur, Lena decided not to do it herself, but to take the cat to the vet. The old doctor’s full truth knows no bounds. He carefully released the cat, saying that the cat was quite sorry to eat, besides, she had just given birth. Unknown where the cat is. Lena paid for the duties of a veterinarian and asked him to take the cat to an animal shelter.


Leaving, the girl looked back and saw the sad eyes of the cat. And Lena saw a dream in which she played with a rescued cat and knew for sure that her nickname was Silva. In the morning, Lena rushed to the clinic, and now she has a wonderful friend with the rare name Silva.

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