More Than 1000’s of Ticks Attacked A Rescued Poor Homeless Dog All Over His Body!


This unwanted dog was found in South Africa and taken to Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW), a welfare organization that provides veterinary services. All those bumps and spots you see on the dog’s head, eyes, and ears are ticks, writes thepetneeds



Thousands of ticks. There is no reason why this poor dog has that many ticks.


The dog was suffering from tick fever. CLAW posted pictures of the dog, now named Belle on their Facebook page. There is no ‘treatment’ for a dog with this many ticks. They will have to wait for the ticks to fall off naturally.


If they start to try and remove them, Belle would end up bleeding too much. Belle’s former owners are going to be held responsible for her condition. The morning after she was found, Belle was doing and feeling better, and a few of the ticks had already fallen off.


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