No One Believes That The Cat Will Survive! But A Miracle Happened, Look What He Turned Into!

Romeo is a special kitty with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The shelter staff no longer believed that they would find owners for her until one day a bell rang in the shelter. Romeo is a special cat who has suffered from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome since birth.

This is an inherited skin disease that makes the skin very thin and fragile. A resident of Illinois, USA, came across a photo of Romeo on the page of a shelter. The woman and her husband were already taking care of special cats, and when they saw Romeo, they decided to give her a better life.



Arriving at the shelter and getting to know Romeo personally, they were convinced once again that she is a charming creature. That day they took the cat to their home. So, Romeo got a family! The owners immediately took the cat to the vet. Specialists diagnosed Romeo with ringworm and heart murmurs and prescribed the necessary treatment.


As for the genetic skin disease, the doctors advised the cat to wear a special scarf so that it scratches the wounds on fragile skin less. For the same purpose, Apple often trims the claws on her paws.



After a couple of months of intensive care, good nutrition, and care, Romeo blossomed. In place of depriving her, dense, beautiful wool began to grow. The owners did not think that she would grow up like that. Romeo is a happy and cheerful creature, despite all the health problems.

She lives like the most ordinary cat – she runs, jumps, loves affection, plays, and just enjoys life. When this charming girl sees that someone from the family has sweets in her hands, she immediately runs there and stands on her hind legs, begging for treats.


Every day she explores the house, walks, and also originally asks for food, lounging in the kitchen: In caring hands, Romeo has turned into a charming, fluffy cat. Now she does not recognize that shabby cat with fallen tufts of wool. All the bad is behind, and only the best is ahead


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