No one wanted a special kitten until he met this woman

He was born with water on the brain and defective legs, and no one was interested in giving him a place to live. All they could see were defects, and not the cat underneath…



He was just 13 weeks old and weighed 14 ounces when Lisa rescued him in the nick of time, he was about to be euthanized. She decided there and then to adopt him.
Zeke settled into his new home, he quickly worked out how to get around on his [twisty legs].


Lisa said: Despite all of his disabilities, he has a heck of A LOT OF ABILITIES!!!
He is such a smart little guy for all his issues. He knows his name, comes when you call and you can see how frustrated he actually gets with both of his front legs when he cannot do something. It is amazing the amount of higher intelligence that he possesses.


Without Lisa he may never have found his forever home.


Thank you for giving him a beautiful life.

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