Older Dog Survives For Two Weeks Alone In The Snow

Old Lady is a 10-year-old Saint Bernard who went missing in a Minnesota woodland and was missing for two weeks. She could only shelter herself from the cold with her hair.

Azure Davis, the founder of Ruff Start Rescue, felt she had lost her forever after what occurred. Azure hadn’t known the puppy for long; she was one of 400 canines rescued in early January from a local puppy factory.



Old Lady was moved to a temporary home, but she never made it there before disappearing. Old Lady’s foster mom dragged her out of the car with her leash; she was terrified of the crunching sound of ice and fled away.

Azure sought assistance from The Retrievers, a group of volunteers in charge of recovering missing puppies, after discovering what had occurred.

Old Lady did not show for several days.



Azure said to The Dodo:

“She’s a strong and nimble lass.” Especially considering her elderly age ».

The temperature had plummeted to -10 degrees, and the chances of locating Old Lady were dwindling.



Fortunately, a call from a guy and his two granddaughters proved crucial in locating the dog that had become entangled in the woods. The leash that Old Lady had been dragging for 17 days had finally done its work.

Azure stated:

“A branch became entangled in its leash, and then it became twisted up in the trees and became trapped.” Thank you, God! It was the only way we could have obtained it.”



Azure and her colleague, Julie Lessard, approached Old Lady with caution and wrapped a fresh leash around her before freeing her from the tree.

They couldn’t believe their hunt had come to an end.

Azure stated:

“I was able to breathe as soon as we got her inside my car and shut the door.” It was over. She was secure. We laughed, sobbed, and said our goodbyes with tremendous relief. It was truly a miracle.”

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