Onlookers Were Alarmed When A Tiny Wiener Dog Got Too Close To A Massive 500-pound Lion

Milo the Dachshund and his littermates were tiny puppies when they first met Bonedigger the lion.

Bonedigger was just a 4-week-old cub, so the doggie siblings considered him to be an oversized puppy and began playing with him, writes



Soon, the puppies realized that Bonedigger was rendered cripple (due to a metabolic bone disease). They sympathized with him and always made him feel safe. But it was Milo who went out of his way to protect his lion friend.


As the years passed by, Milo and Bonedigger became the closest of friends. They lived together at the Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, surrounded by hardworking caretakers who tended to all their needs.


With time, many onlookers developed a fear about the safety of Milo and his siblings. They felt that Bonedigger’s predatory instincts would kick in sooner or later and he would try to harm the tiny dogs.


However, Bonedigger defied all the negative presumptions and proved that he will always be a friendly presence for the Dachshund family. These days, the blended family can often be seen dining, cuddling or playing together. Bonedigger happily allows his doggie buddies to sleep on top of him whenever they like. As for Milo, he loves playing the lion’s personal dentist and gives him “kisses” while pretending to check his teeth!



The sanctuary workers say that Bonedigger gets very upset if any of the Dachshunds go missing from his yard. Now that he is older and stronger, Bonedigger passionately cherishes and protects the little canine family from all harm. This rare friendship proves that the animal kingdom is filled with the purest of souls!

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