People Notice Someone Strange Stranded On An Iceberg Miles Out At Sea

People Notice Someone Strange Stranded On An Iceberg Miles Out At Sea

They took a closer look after that.



The animal riding the iceberg turned out to be a non-seafaring species.

It turned out to be an Arctic fox, and he was in serious peril.

Rather of abandoning the fox to his destiny, Harrigan and her colleagues decided to attempt to assist him. In their boat, they approached the iceberg and wrangled the terrified castaway to safety.



“Even though he battled it, we were able to get him onboard,” Harrigan added. “We felt we were his only hope of survival since the winds had shifted and were pushing all of the ice out to sea.”

While the fox had ample cause to lose hope, it had suddenly been restored.


Harrigan and the other odd fox rescuers hastily improvised a makeshift bed onboard their boat and fed the fatigued animal to help him regain his stamina and warmth.


They then embarked on a joint voyage back to dry ground.

When they returned to the harbor, Harrigan and the crew fed the fox a few more morsels before releasing him.


“We put him in an old doghouse,” she explained. “He got up and brushed himself off, and that was the end of it!”


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