Photographer Asked to Babysit a Cat Turns It into a Glamorous Photo Shoot

When you’re a pet parent and have someone else taking care of your furry friend, the best you can hope for is that they feed them on time and clean up after them.

But when actor and photographer Josell Mariano’s friend asked him to “babysit” her beloved feline Jade, Mariano surprised her with something a little extra. He used his Canon 6D camera and a strobe light to snap a series of striking portraits of the all-gray shorthair.



Set against a dark gray background, Jade looks pawsitively distinguished—even when she’s making goofy faces.

Mariano posted his photoshoot with Jade on Reddit, where he garnered an enthusiastic response from the subreddit r/aww. His most popular picture imagines Jade in an 80s-style photoshoot in which one of her “derpy” faces is at the foreground and in the background is another portrait of her gazing into the distance.


It’s not only a funny photo, but it sums up having a cat. Sometimes they appear deep in thought and other times they couldn’t look more silly.


After receiving a lot of love from Reddit, Mariano made an Instagram for Jade featuring his photos, as well as other cute pictures and videos of her. Scroll down to see Mariano’s photoshoot and follow Jade on Instagram to see what she’s up to next.


When actor and photographer Josell Mariano’s friend asked him to “babysit” her beloved feline Jade, Mariano did her one better and created a funny cat photoshoot. (With some more “serious” pictures, too.)

Mariano shared the cat photos on Reddit, and one Redditor upped the ante by adding lasers à la 1980s glamour shots.


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