Police Departments Turn Pit Bulls From Shelters Into K9 Dogs

Pit bulls are beings who emanate a lot of tenderness and loyalty, despite the fact that many people categorize them as dangerous animals. Because of this, several police agencies have opted to rescue some of them from shelters so they may become K9 canines.



The option of adopting K9 dogs leads in a significant decrease in expenditures for the police, in addition to transforming the lives of these creatures who are frequently slaughtered. K9 dogs are responsible for detecting anything from narcotics to corpses.

Finally, police agencies are understanding it. They’re now taking pit bulls out of shelters, training them, and demonstrating they make incredible police dogs instead of spending $10,000 to $15,000 on a trained Belgian or a GSD [German Shepherd Dog].


By proving that the breed can be taught and do duties like those listed above, organizations like Protect Pit Bulls From BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) are attempting to modify people’s misconceptions about the breed.



Pit bulls are being rescued from shelters and trained as police puppies with the assistance of several animal trainers, including Animal Farm Foundation, Austin Pets Alive, and Universal K9.


The aforementioned groups find pit bulls and train them to do investigations, including looking for drugs, explosives, bodies, missing people, and wanted criminals.

Brad Croft, the creator of Universal K9, explained:



“Any dog that is motivated, self-assured, and eager to work may succeed! The capacity for labor of a dog is not determined by breed.”

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