Poor Cat Electrocuted Due to His Owner’s Carelessness, Being Rescued but Completely Lost His Front Legs and Tail

The story of the two-legged cat below will inspire many people to live! A cat who bravely overcame her own difficulties to survive is admirable, isn’t it?

Read the story about the cat below to get more positive vitamins for a busy life! Then you will see in this world that no matter how bad things are, as long as we try, we can overcome them all.



Our main character is Able the cat. This name has a special meaning because even though it only has 2 legs but still can do anything like other normal cats can do.

In the unfortunate situation, the cat unfortunately did not have any of his front legs and tail.


At the time of the electrical failure, at the scene, Able the cat was lying on the floor and was injured. Fortunately, a resident named Walai saw him and came to save him and take him to treatment.



This unfortunate accident caused the cat Able to have to lose his front limbs and tail. However, the cat’s will to live was so extraordinary, he was able to recover his health thanks to Wallai’s caring and dedicated care.


After that, he was brought home by this kind woman to raise and protect him. Many people thought that the cat would give up, but the cat never gave up and instead, it stands on two legs again and becomes a symbol of hope.



You know, since that fateful day, Able the cat has never given up on walking and he has persevered in learning to walk on his hind legs. Ms. Wallai said: “The cat didn’t give up walking and it tryed to keep its balance.


After two years of hard work, Able was able to walk on its hind legs.” Commenting on her pet cat, the owner also revealed this is a very positive cat. I love this life and enjoy it to the fullest. Even, Able doesn’t seem to be upset about this matter, it is still happily playing like the other cats.



The story of Able the cat who never gave up hope despite having lost forepaws and walking on two hind legs like kangaroos has become a symbol of hope for many people.


And you, after reading the story about the energetic cat Able, how do you feel? Let’s spread this positivity to everyone around us so that we can work together towards the good things in life!

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