Poor Little Cat Has Tumor on Her Face and Nobody Want to Adopt Him

If no one intervenes, it can be a death sentence for certain stray animals confronting those difficulties.

Keta the cat is only a year old, yet she was in the same situation while living on borrowed time in a kill shelter. Thankfully, Unwanted NYC Pets found her just in time and was able to provide her with the medical attention she required.



Keta had a growth in her mouth that was causing her discomfort. It was enormous – as big as a baseball!
As a result, the poor cat was famished, but despite her tumor, she had a great desire to live, and her rescuers realized they couldn’t abandon her.


The obvious option was surgery, which came with its own set of hazards. There was a chance that Keta may need a feeding tube, lose an eye, or come out disfigured, and then be unable to find a home as a result.



Her tumor was carefully studied before anything was done, and a plan was devised.

During her assessment, Keta was well aware of what was going on. The sweet little cat expressed her gratitude by purring the entire time.


Dr. Tomas Ingernuso, her surgeon, avoided any potential difficulties and effectively removed the tumor.



Keta is now a contented feline on the mend!

Her skin around the tumor is starting to thicken up again. She is also eating independently now.



There’s no doubt that Keta is finding eating a lot easier now that she’s no longer carrying around that gigantic tumor in her mouth.


This beautiful feline’s life is starting to seem a lot brighter — the only thing that could make it even better is a forever home.


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