Proof of ultra-advanced precision machinery: Perfect ancient star-shaped holes in the rock

Often the authorities still cover unexplained details, details that can be found in the construction of many ancient ruins around the world.

Often the authorities still covᴇʀ unexplained details, details that can be found in the construction of many ancient ruins around the world.

These seemingly impossible facts of ancient architecture, seen by all, but still perceived by the academic environment that they would like you to believe, were completed just a few thousand years ago, but any explanation of how these tasks really were undertaken or completed remains absent. We strongly believe that much of the earth and indeed our own human history is covered. Simply because those who want to sell you the answers do not have them.


We believe that many of these ancient artifacts, along with many impossible ancient megaliths, found perfectly placed in ancient ruins around the world, are powerful factors in suggesting that an ancient civilization once had available extremely advanced precision machines. The Ancient Star Holes in Volda One of the many interesting, dangerous features that we have recently noticed is the holes of ancient stars, which have been discovered at a number of different ancient sites on the planet.


Although places like Puma Punku or the Gizas basalt plateau have precision drilling holes, plunging many feet into the incredibly hard stone, these star holes are as the title suggests, mysteriously created in the form of stars.


So far found in Massachusetts in the US and also in Volda, Norway, we feel their existence, they are proof of ancient drilling technology, far superior to our own today, and not to mention our recent ancestors.


How were these holes created, and why? A number of these unique ᴅʀιʟʟ holes can be found in Volda, and a number have also been discovered in the surrounding area of the Flynt County in Massachusetts district, though interestingly, each with a slightly different shape. There are these seemingly impossible holes, evidence left by a lost civilization?

Intriguingly, when the star holes appear, they cover only part of the total length of that hole, the rest of the hole still having the typical round cylindrical shape. However, mysteriously, the length of the rifled grooves and their position in the hole varies considerably with each ᴅʀιʟʟ hole, sometimes even appearing in the middle of a rock.

Ancient star holes, an unexplainable ancient feature that we find extremely convincing.

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