Puppy Laid Paralyzed In The Snow For 12 Hours, Waiting For Help After Getting Hit By A Car

When this seven-month-old puppy was hit by a car, it left her paralyzed,

Thankfully she survived, but she was unfortunately lying in the snow for 12 hours, waiting for someone to find her.


Since her body temperature was so warm compared to the freezing snow, it created a hole in the snow where she was laying, which made it difficult for people to see her when they came back to look for her.


As she laid in the tall grasses on the side of the road in Alberta, Canada, she was suffering from a broken pelvis from the accident.

Thankfully, teenagers discovered the poor pup while they were on their way to a skateboard park. They alerted authorities who then called Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force. Rescuers came out in the cold to search for the puppy.



When she was finally found, they rushed her to Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency (SAVE).

Despite her injuries, she was very friendly when rescuers first approached her. She was unable to move her back end, but she still managed to wag her tail.


While at SAVE, she was given the treatment she needed and has already found a foster home where she will live while she recovers. Once she is fully healed, she will be available for adoption.



Until then, she is on pain medication and has been resting in her crate. Throughout this whole process, the pup, now named Nutmeg, has never stopped wagging her tail. It’s amazing to see how much willpower she has to live!


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