Puppy With No Front Legs Enjoys Snuggling With Foster Father

A veterinarian recommended Nubby be shot when he was just four hours old.

Without his front legs, the dog was born. Nubby lacked the power to go past the other puppies to feed, even if his mother didn’t reject him.



“He was being shoved aside by his siblings. He’d have passed if it hadn’t been for the fact that he was “Nubby’s foster mother, Lou Robinson, tells The Dodo about her son. “He accompanied me back to my apartment.”

Robinson is a long-time animal rescuer from outside of Houston, Texas, and the creator of Warriors Educate About Rescue, which holds seminars on how to properly care for animals and publishes a calendar showcasing Texas firemen with rescue dogs.


In other words, Nubby is in good hands.


And, more often than not, on a nice shoulder – Robinson’s husband, Mark’s shoulder.

The pair did everything they could to figure out how to keep the dog alive.

Nubby, for example, would have to be bottle-fed at an angle to prevent the puppy formula from being aspirated into his lungs and causing aspiration pneumonia.



“Nubby flourished on day three, day seven, day ten, and day sixteen. He flourished! “Robinson explains. “His ears grew, his eyes opened, and he discovered his noises, scents, and voice.”

Things took a turn for the worst on a Friday afternoon, just over three weeks after he arrived.

Nubby had a sneeze. He wasn’t passing gas. He didn’t appear to be hungry. In his nostrils, he was blowing milk bubbles.



“He was on his way downhill,” Robinson recalls.

Nubby didn’t only suffer the terrible pneumonia, according to X-rays. An “esophageal anomaly” was discovered in the 3-pound puppy.

Robinson explains, “He had a pocket form in his esophagus that was trapping his milk.”

Nubby was put in an oxygen chamber and given an IV supply of strong antibiotics.



He was having trouble breathing, but Robinson saw that he was “picking back up.”

“He wasn’t going down without a fight. He was in a fight, “she explains. “And we will strive to give him that chance as long as he has a shot at a good life.”

Robinson focuses a lot of his attention on Nubby. She enjoys the amusing faces he makes when sleeping. Then he awakens, eager to play, play, play.


She fantasizes of keeping Nubby. Seeing him grow up to be a member of Warriors Educate About Rescue is a dream come true. He may educate about animal care in schools. Assist children in learning that it’s okay to be different.

Robinson is hoping for this outcome. It will be reliant on a great deal of good fortune.

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