Regardless Of Their Species, A Woman Takes Care Of Abandoned Animals That No One Else Wants

Adri Rachelle, the creator of Wild Things Sanctuary, has given her heart and home to abandoned pets and creatures that no one else wants, regardless of species. The woman has cared for around 200 animals, and his annual costs to maintain all of his animals healthy and happy are in the hundreds of dollars.

Adri is completely dedicated to assisting as many stray animals as possible. She has a strong affinity for animals and is very vigilant in ensuring that everyone at the refuge is well cared for. She happily makes several sacrifices to ensure her well-being each month in order to get by.



The amount of work you put in every day to keep all of the abandoned animals safe is simply incredible.

Not everyone would be prepared to give so much of themselves, let alone with minimal resources; they cover all of their expenses out of their own pockets, which makes their job all the more impressive.

Adri established Wild Things Sanctuary after spending years saving many creatures in distress.



Adri explained to Bored Panda:

“It was evident to me that this was not a pastime for me; it had been the tale of my life since I was a youngster, and I intended to make it my primary emphasis.”

Adri’s work in caring for abandoned animals is indeed difficult, but she approaches it with a positive attitude; he never considers it a job; it is something that comes naturally to him because of the deep affection he has for each of his rescues.

Despite the fact that caring for the farm takes up every minute of her time, seven days a week, with no entitlement to vacation, she claims she would not change a thing and enjoys every minute she has with her animals.



Adri continues:

“Animals in pain and misery seem to cross my path all the time, and knowing that I am providing them with a safe haven to recover gives my life meaning, and that reward much transcends all the time, money, and grief that working at an animal sanctuary may bring.”

The sanctuary’s creator promises that getting the adoration of her animals fills her with love all day long. She provides them a bit more than they need to survive, such as food, water, and cleaning the area; if it were merely mechanical, it could complete in a few hours and divert its attention to other things, but Adri values her time with the animals above all else


In terms of the sanctuary’s finances, Adri promises that the upkeep charges are exorbitant.

She keeps track of the following:


“Right now, the startup expenditures and the work of erecting permanent structures and fences, among other things, are enormous. Because we are a younger refuge, we are not yet well-established enough for individuals to give substantial sums of money.

Adri went over the bills he has to pay for food, veterinary care, and supplies to modify the farm in great detail. She has dedicated her life to saving abandoned animals, even selling her vehicle to save a herd of cattle headed for the slaughterhouse.


Adri clarifies:

“The average monthly food bill is $1,300. The cost of veterinary care varies greatly, but we can estimate that it will cost roughly $10,000 per year. The sanctuary was installed last year at a cost of roughly 50,000 dollars in materials.


The woman describes the difference between her sanctuary and many others that exist; the difference is obvious; the sanctuary is not available to the public, which means it is losing a possible source of cash that would assist a lot with the animals’ upkeep.

Adri believes that the continual presence of outsiders that come to see the animals is highly stressful for them; some are recovering, are elderly or sick, while others are shy or have been through horrible experiences.

Adri’s diligent efforts to protect the many abandoned animals demonstrate that there are still people out there who want to make the world a better place for their fellow humans.

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