Rescue The Cat With Its Head Stuck In The Iron Gate!

Gujarat Rescue received an urgent call about a cat in serious trouble! A cat stuck to the iron fence. The rescue team checked to see if the cat was still alive.



The cat was in so much pain and anger that it struggled to get out of the door but was powerless. Their locals tried to rescue the cat, but the cat was so aggressive that the scratch injured the person who approached to save it. The rescue team covered the cat with a towel so its nails could not hurt others and made it feel more comfortable, and calm.


The rescue team managed to rescue her without cutting the iron door. Because if the rescue team cuts the iron bar, the cat will be injured. The team tries to find a way to save the cat from the iron door. Her neck hangs down making the team feel like she’s dead.


The cat had trouble breathing due to a stiff neck and being stuck for too long. So the team tried to make the cat breathe. Its tongue has turned black. After the cat blinked, the team realized it was alive. After a long time of looking for ways to save the cat, the team had results.



The cat seemed very hungry because it was stuck for a long time, plus the time people tried to rescue it made it almost exhausted, so everyone went to find it something to eat. Then they took it to the vet for a full body check. And fortunately, its body was not injured. So they returned it to its area.


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