Rescue The Poor Feral Cat Lying In The Shade, Skin Rough, Thin, And Full Of Sores…!

Loan, a 23-year-old man, went to a pub in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, a famous old town in southern Vietnam. As he was on his way home, his eyes were suddenly drawn to something in the shadows.

Coming closer, he found a wad of dry hair on the ground. It was a cat in a terrible state, with ulcers and bald spots on the body. All that was left of her was skin and bones.



He lay motionless on the ground. Loan reached out and touched him because he wasn’t sure if he was alive or not.

The cat made a meow in response, a low, mournful sound, and at that moment the only thing Loan thought about was that he had to save the life of this cat. No matter what happens… His condition was extremely hopeless, he was weak, frail, and emaciated, and it seemed that he could die at any moment.


When Loan’s grandmother saw this cat, she said, “Honey, he won’t survive. He is very sorry. He’ll probably die if he eats anything.”


Even though Grandma spoke, Loan still had hope and was determined to do whatever it took to save him. Loan named the cat Tex, he bathed him, wiped him, cleaned him, and fed him with what could be eaten in such a state.


At first, Tex didn’t have the strength to move. But this struggle, although it was hard for both of them, they did not give up! The cat was in pain and tried to comb the wound, but Loan made him a special collar. He started eating, little by little, getting bigger, and his weight started to go up.

Over time, his hair began to grow back, and he became healthier every day. It had grown to such an extent that the protruding bones were no longer visible. Now Tex showed with all his appearance that he had begun a new life.



Got a cute cat. He has changed incredibly since the time Loan first met him face to face. When I brought him home, it seemed impossible for all my relatives. It was very sad and hopeless. But I and Tex did not give up and we won!

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