Restaurant Does The Cutest Thing For A Lonely Cat Who Needed A Friend

Denny’s restaurant in Oregon has been providing not just a tasty food to its guests, but also all the affection for a lonely kitty wandering the streets for the past few years.

When people come into the restaurant, the orange kitty is generally seen napping.



Denny’s (or Denns for short) was his name, and he has won the hearts of everyone who knows him.

Laura Leader approached Denns after he visited the restaurant ten years ago. She has become an indispensable part of the team since that day.


Laura explained to The Dodo:


“He’s a really happy and quiet cat.” He occasionally approaches you and strokes your legs ».


Denns has been well cared after by the restaurant staff. They initially assumed he was lost, but it became evident as time passed that he had been abandoned nearby by someone without a heart.

According to Laura, the kitten has no desire to leave the restaurant, and he even fights attempts to take him anywhere. Denny’s became his lifelong home as a result, and everyone there adores him.


The clients decided to create a housing for him, bring him blankets on a daily basis, and in the winter, they installed a heating light to keep him warm.


Fortunately, Dennis continues to be in good condition and often visits the vet. Nonetheless, because it is an elderly cat, a client has taken it upon himself to keep a closer eye on it than usual.

Laura stated,


“She keeps a caring watch on him at all times.”


This lonely kitty ended up getting the affection of a whole community and then returned it with his presence and beautiful nature.

His narrative has once again shown the wonderful link that exists between humans and animals.

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