Scared Dog Is Dragged To The Shelter By A Woman Who Is Abandoning Him

Ann Flores was astounded to see a lady carrying a distressed and terrified puppy to the Houston, Texas, Harris County Animal Shelter. The 3-year-old dog collapsed to the ground in the parking lot and tried to fight against being left behind.



Ann stated to The Dodo:

“He flipped over and sat down on his back. It was like to requesting that you not take me there.

Another woman was also dragging another dog to the shelter; she may have been a friend or family of the first woman.


“Although both were pulling, the dogs remained still. They simply wouldn’t move, so they had to be picked up. They refused to enter.”


“They were unconcerned. The dogs weren’t moving, so they began giggling instead. It was equivalent to tossing out trash to them. There was nothing, not even regret. She was furious in a really, really bad way, and I could feel my heart rate increasing. Why get an animal if you intend to abandon it and abuse it like this? That is unfair “.


As a result, Ann recorded the event on camera and submitted some pictures and videos to Harris County Animal Volunteers, a nonprofit that saves animals from shelters and places them in foster homes before placing them up for adoption.

Both pups were immediately designated for rescue by Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue, but foster homes had to be found before the dogs could leave the facility.


Four days after arriving at the shelter, Truman, the black and white dog who had fallen on his back, was about to be put to death. Mandi, his sister, was slated to speak the day following Truman.


Unfortunately, the shelter was too small to accommodate them for much longer. Thankfully, the rescue team was able to immediately locate foster homes for them.

Although Kellie Donoghue, director of Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue, went to pick up Truman from the shelter before he was put to death, Truman is currently in the care of Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue. Kellie went to Truman’s kennel with the workers rather than waiting for them to take him.


Kelly stated:

I first noticed him howling. He simply sank to the ground and wouldn’t move despite our attempts to urge him to walk.

Therefore, the staff at the shelter had to drive Truman to Kellie’s car.


Kelly stated:


“I was urinating because I was so afraid. However, he was always wagging his tail, which tells me that this dog only requires affection and is unaware that people can give it.”

Truman was taken to a friend’s house to check how he responded to her children, cats, and other dogs at the time because Kellie hadn’t had an opportunity to temperament test Truman. Something amazing occurred during the journey.

Kelly stated:

“He only wanted to be close to me the entire time we were in the car. It was starting to get a little more animated after a 25-minute vehicle journey, which is unusual. It might take a while for dogs to warm up to people.”

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