Seeing The Kitten Being Taken Away By Humans, The Cat Buried The Kitten With His Own Hands, But His Heart Was Full Of Pity.!

Many people think that cats are not as affectionate as dogs or other animals, but the story below proves that completely wrong.

The image of a mother cat burying her kitten alive because of human wrongdoing has moved many people to tears. The mother cat used her paw to push the dirt on the grave of her unfortunate child.



The person who posted the article advises people to be kinder to animals because they do not cause harm. What’s wrong with us? She said: “At that time, the mother cat was pregnant and just wanted a place to stay to give birth.


Treat animals like humans, do not chase or torment them. If they are hungry, give them a little food, it won’t make you poor.” Many social media users after watching the video above were touched by the “human” action of the mother cat towards the cat. child.

“I’m sorry, I hope you come home well in your next life.”



“It’s heartless, whoever does that to a kitten will receive retribution”

“Rest in peace, my love”

All agree that humans should treat all animals with kindness and tolerance in nature.


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