Seeing The Pet Cat With An Unusually Large Belly, The Family Thought It Was About To Give Birth, But When It Was Taken To The Doctor, It Was Not True.

Recently, the British aid team conducted a rescue for a cat after receiving specific information from a family.

It is known that the cat is named Rosie, according to information from the family, Rosie is not their pet. This cat just appeared suddenly and made everyone curious because of its big belly.



After taking a closer look at its belly, they discovered that something was wrong with Rosie’s belly and it seemed that she felt extremely uncomfortable. This family quickly called an ambulance to save the dog from groaning in pain.

Initially, the veterinarian took an X-ray and discovered a small chip was attached to Rosie’s body, and also discovered a foreign organism intact in this cat’s stomach.


Based on the chip provided by the doctor, information about the owner of the cat Rosie was quickly found, it was not a feral cat as people thought. Rosie has been adopted by a family in Yorkshire since she was a kitten.


It is now 9 years old and ran away from home 5 months ago because it cannot get along with other cats. The x-ray image shows that Rosie’s stomach was filled with a rat that was still intact. The doctor also determined that Rosie’s stomach was a rat with a fairly large size, due to its appetite, the cat probably swallowed the rat in its stomach making the stomach swell more than usual.


The veterinarian also said that they would not continue to let the rat stay in the stomach because if so, Rosie would have trouble digesting. The only way is to perform surgery on the cat to get the mouse out as quickly as possible.

After obtaining consent from the owner, the surgery took place and was successful. Despite the pain and inconvenience, Rosie is now recovering very well. Shortly, Rosie will be able to happily run and catch mice again without having to worry about any obstacles.


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