Sick Man Gets Better After His Horse Visited Him In Hospital

Due to a ruptured intestine, Francisco Carlos Ferreira Mena had been confined to a bed at a Porto Alegre, Brazil, hospital for the previous four months. Francisco, also known as “Chico,” was unable to recuperate because of his health, but he has now recovered owing to his horse visiting him in the hospital.

Francisco had first been transported there to receive emergency care for a ruptured intestine, but he and his physicians had not anticipated how long it would take him to recuperate.



Francisco’s hunger had disappeared, and he was too weak to move. He was given medicine, but it didn’t appear to help, and he quickly developed a melancholy and unhappy disposition.

In the past, patients could bring their pets to the hospital where Francisco is being treated to cheer them up.


He was only thinking about his horse when he heard that other patients were getting visits from their pets. But he understood that a horse wouldn’t be able to fit in a hospital due to its size.



Even though Esquilador wasn’t as little as a puppy, Francisco’s physicians believed the horse may help him feel better and be healthier.


Everything changed last week, on Esquilador’s 65th birthday, when Francisco’s friends drove him from his barn to the hospital where the nursing staff had planned for Francisco to meet him.



One of Mena’s physicians, Dr. Daniel Souto Silveira, said that Esquilador’s health improved almost immediately following his visit. Not only had he improved his disposition and appetite again, but he had also recovered enough strength to begin using a walker.

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