Since His Owner Passed Away, This Dog Has Visited His Grave Every Day

Dogs have been dubbed “man’s best friend,” and if you own one, you will agree that this is a fitting description. They are loyal and affectionate to their owners, as seen by this dog’s visit to the grave of his master, who died unexpectedly, and the animal’s sadness since then.



Smail ztürk, a Turkish man who died in February 2014, had a puppy named Zozo who was devoted to him. The man’s death came as a shock, and his loss shook the whole family.

The dog was the most impacted, since he had been depressed for two years following the death of his closest companion.


They were hunting for Zozo since he wasn’t in the home one day, and they discovered him in the grave of his human, the two of them inseparable.

Every day since then, Zozo and Zafer ztürk, the deceased’s son, have paid a visit to Smail’s cemetery, which is located near the family home. And every day, Zozo sleeps inconsolably and despondently on top of the grave.



Zafer’s heart bleeds every time he sees Zozo placed in the grave since he looks yearning to be near to his human.

Zafer, on the other hand, claims that Zozo would not want it any other way.

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