Stray cat was found in terrible condition!, but the following things make you will not imagine!

This emaciated kitten was lying in the backyard and he can’t move!

Seem’s like he was dehydrated, skin and bones, and his body was full of dirt.



A good mand brought him to the vet clinic for help, the vet told us that he’s about one and a half years old and extremely loving.


The vet takes care of him and he is much become better when we back to visit him.

He’s better but not able to stand for more than one minute because his muscle is still weak.



He got a massage every night and he enjoy it!

Now Max is finally off antibiotics, but we still using drugs for his skin scratching.



After more than 3 months, he’s doing great with our care and love.

From now on, he has a new home and is loved and sheltered by warm hearts.!

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