Stray Puppy Found in Australia Turns Out to Be a Rare Breed of Endangered Dingo

Every hero has a backstory, and for the puppy “Wandi,” it began in August when he dropped from the sky in Wandiligong, Australia. After some crying, Wandi was eventually discovered hiding in a resident’s backyard. Besides finding him incredibly cute, locals were mystified by the puppy—was he a fox or a dog?

The day after being discovered, Wandi was brought to the Alpine Animal Hospital, where veterinarians immediately conducted DNA testing. It turns out this lost pup is 100% rare Australian Alpine Dingo.



According to veterinarian Dr. Bec Day, who attended Wandi when he was first brought into the animal hospital, the marks found on his back were likely due to being carried by an eagle—explaining why the pup was found alone.

Fortunately for little Wandi, that’s all about to change. While his DNA test results were pending, Wandi was carefully transferred to the Australian Dingo Foundation‘s sanctuary, which rests at the foothills of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria.


Though he was initially brought there as a precaution—since Wandi has been officially classified as a rare purebred—the sanctuary is hoping he can become a valuable part of their breeding program. There are three types of dingos in Australia—tropical, inland, and alpine—but it is only the alpine that is endangered.



Australian Geographic also warned in a 2011 article that there is an increased potential of the extinction of purebred dingos, as most found in east Australia are at least 50% domestic dog. That is why the discovery of precious Wandi is so meaningful for the Australian Dingo Foundation and the future of their breeding program.

In the meantime, however, the rest of the world can continue watching the dingo pup grow up on his Instagram.



A stray puppy was found in an Australian resident’s backyard.

After taking a DNA test, it was revealed that this adorable pup is actually 100% Australian Alpine Dingo—a species vulnerable to extinction.

Now, Wandi the purebred dingo lives in Dingo Discovery Sanctuary.

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