Surprising Images Of Sharks’Surfing’ On Waves Were Captured By A Man

Sean Scott was having a fantastic day on the Australian beaches when he noticed a bunch of sharks swimming along the beach while flying his drone to get photos of the surfers. He tried to take advantage of the situation by pulling out his camera; nevertheless, his astonishment was great when he saw incredible photographs of sharks “surfing.”



Sean told The Dodo that this was something he’d never seen before:

«I was completely taken aback. Similar minor experiences have gone popular on the internet before, but I’ve never seen anything personally. They informed me how fortunate I was to have seen it because it is quite unusual.


Sean snapped as many photographs as he could, enthralled by the magnificent scene in front of his lens. He shifted his eyes away from several surfers who appeared to be overwhelmed by the sight, and the sharks were gone in no time.

Sean added:



«They didn’t stay in the eyes for long, maybe a few minutes, so I had a lot of luck taking the photo when I did it. Many things went well, therefore I was trying to photograph them as frequently as possible from all angles».


Following the excitement of the moment, Sean posted the photos to his Instagram account, where they drew a lot of attention. Some even speculated that the photos were fake, but Sean insists that they are absolutely real.



This man aspires to see the surfing sharks on the Australian waves again one day.

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