Sweet Dog Was Found With An 8-Pound Chain Embedded Around His Neck

Nobody is certain of Figaro’s origins, but one thing is certain: he lived his whole life in shackles. Someone who claimed to have found Figaro as a stray dog brought him to a nearby veterinarian. Figaro was wearing a thick chain around his neck when he was brought in; it weighed about 8 pounds and was buried so deeply in his neck that at times it was hardly noticeable.



Figaro was picked up by animal control and transported to the Davidson County Animal Shelter since there was no doctor available to treat him that day. Figaro was deemed to be too complicated a case for the shelter staff to manage alone after they examined him.


He was clearly in a lot of discomfort, so they called the Davidson County Animal Alliance to see if the rescuers there could assist. They took him in right away and took off the chain.

The Davidson County Animal Alliance’s Paula Barkley told The Dodo:



According to how deeply the chain was buried, Figaro has worn it his entire life. He is little over a year old.

The thick chain was successfully removed when the rescue crew hurried Figaro to surgery. Figaro appeared to feel much better as soon as the chain was taken off, and he was very appreciative of everyone around him for helping him liberate himself.


Says Paula
“Figaro is a really amiable, kind, and gentle dog. He was aware that our crew and the veterinary staff were there to assist him. Since his operation yesterday afternoon, he is doing excellently.


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