The Beautiful Festival In Nepal That Venerates Dogs Thanking Them For Their Friendship And Loyalty

Dogs are revered in Nepal on the second day of the “Tihar” festival, where people devote themselves to worshiping them by giving them treats and flower garlands, singing mantras to them, and even dousing them in colored powders. Dogs are regarded as man’s best friends in many cultures around the world.



The Tihar festival, also known as Deepawali or “the Hindu festival of lights,” is observed during a five-day period in the fall. Each of these days has a “protagonist,” with crows, dogs, and cows among them. The holiday known as “Kukur Tihar” is when dogs are revered.


During this event, all of the dogs are treated as if they are living in paradise and are the messengers of Lord Yamaraj, the Hindu deity of death, regardless of whether they are family pets or not.


The garlands are used as a gesture of respect for animals, and a mark called a “Tika” is typically put on their forehead using a paste consisting of rice, yogurt, and red dye. This signifies that the animal is a sacred thing worthy of devotion and is also a blessing.


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