The Cat Has A Strong Vitality, Bursting Into A “star” That Makes Everyone Admire

Everyone is born wanting a perfect body and a peaceful life, and so do animals. However, besides the friends who live healthy lives, many friends don’t have that life.

And some cases have very strong vitality even though the body is not perfect that people admire, and our cat Dexter below is an example.



According to information from the animal rescue team, Dexter is a special cat, Alexa saved him from the wild animal farm. At the time she was found, Dexter was in a state of complete instability, his body has many wounds, and it looks like his hind legs are not okay! It seems that Dexter’s whole body is motionless and lifeless

Alexa quickly took him to the local veterinary hospital, the vets quickly gave him a thorough examination. The results showed that Dexter was born with a congenital spinal cord defect, which caused some nerves to fail, leading to the condition that the hind legs could not move. He is currently having a hard time moving, the doctors plan to treat him to help him walk easily.


Difficulty moving is not a problem for Dexter, the cat likes to rest with a very fast life and is very sociable with people.


Her first time raising a cat: “I have no experience but Dexter is a special case, although it is quite hard to take care of, I am always willing.”
Alexa posted a picture of Dexter online and luckily a doctor offered to help and do free surgery to help Dexter walk normally.


But the surgery didn’t work, Dexter couldn’t walk easily on his own, so Alexa designed him a unique “leg”

After a few months in the new house, Dexter has fully adjusted to life and enjoys playing with other cats. After a series of pictures of the cat Dexter posted by the owner Alexa was very popular on social networks, many people admired Dexter and were also fascinated by the beauty of his eyes. Everyone hopes that Dexter will always live as healthy and happy.



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