The Cat Reared Her Single Kitten Assisted Three Orphaned Kittens And Now Hopes To Find Her Ideal Home

Nashville Cat Rescue (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Nashville, Tennessee) pulled in a stray cat and a kitten from the street earlier this year.

A year-old ginger cat put her claws around her sole youngster, attempting to shield her from the outside world. Nisa Konuma, a field volunteer, rushed to take the young family home since they needed refuge.


Bailey, the mother cat, was shy in public, but she was glad for a roof over her head and a comfortable bed in which to spoil the kitten. Whiskey, a newborn without siblings, clung to his mother’s breast and drank as much milk as he could.


Gradually, the endearing feline relaxed and let go, recognizing that her caretakers simply wanted the best for her.

The kitten’s eyes cleaned up and opened wide after a few days. He felt more energized and began to move about on his little legs. Bailey crept out of the nest and limped towards adventure under the care of his mother.

Around the same time, rescuers adopted three orphaned kittens whose future was hanging in the balance. They were in dire need of caregivers, so Nysa brought all three of them home in the hope that Bailey wouldn’t mind.



And so it happened – the mother cat accepted stepchildren and began to take care of them as if they were her own. Still not fully accustomed to the new conditions, she tried to feed all the kids. After a couple of days, it became clear that Bailey needed help.

Nisa began bottle-feeding the orphaned kittens by the hour to restore the mother cat’s milk reserves. As a result, Bailey was able to concentrate on her native kitten’s diet, which is essential for development.

They collaborated carefully to care for the four young fluffies. Whiskey welcomed the visitors with open arms and was overjoyed to be able to play with his classmates.



As the kittens grew larger and more playful, Bailey’s mother spent more and more time alone, enjoying the caresses of her guardians alone.

“She’s such a sweetheart, she loves to be loved, and she accepts attentions so gracefully,” Nysa says.

Bailey taught the kittens cat skills at night while everyone was sleeping. She shared all of her helpful abilities with them, preparing the children for the next chapter of their lives.



When the children reached the age of adoption, they were swiftly adopted by caring individuals. They left one by one for their permanent residences. Bailey had finally finished being a mother and now hoped that the owners of her dreams would come for her one day…

Bailey cheerfully “helped” her foster mother around the home, and she also enjoyed frolicking with the neighborhood cats. She was clearly relieved to be off the streets and in such a secure environment, and she grew to trust people more and more each day.


“She has a professional rubbing of her forehead and enjoys having her tummy rubbed. “She becomes a happy buddy and does not hesitate to frolic like a kitten after she has overcome her first shyness and realized that the person is her friend,” claim animal rights advocates.

“Some of the finest pets in the world are retired mother cats.” They decide that their moment has come after stopping nursing the kittens and undergoing the sterilization treatment, and they unashamedly pour out all their love on the person as if they were tiny sensitive girls again.



Bailey hopes that the perfect family will discover her and adopt her every day. She’s a great sweetheart who only requires a little patience and compassion.

“She requires owners who are willing to wait until she overcomes her extreme shyness. But as soon as she does, she will become childlike and fun.


It’s finally time for mama to blossom!

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