The Cat With A Broken Leg Is Lucky To Be Helped By A Kind Boy

I was walking on the street when I saw a cat with a broken leg, limping closer to him and calling for help, the white cat is very cute and now I do not understand what causes this cat’s leg to be broken.

The cat ran after me and it seemed like it knew I was going to help it, I went back to the car and got a cage.


I drove her to the vet, her left front leg was broken, painful, and quite difficult to move, I don’t know how long she suffered, poor thing.!


The doctor said the cat was too young for surgery, I talked to the doctor and agreed to immobilize him with a brace to help the bones in his leg heal quickly, I made her a small house full of food and drink.

After moving to a new house with me, her health and appearance have changed, she wants to have fun but still can’t put her feet up.



About 3 months after the successful surgery, the cat’s leg is healed and can run, jump and play normally, I took her out to get acquainted with the other cats that I keep, they are quite friendly and will probably help this cat become more loved.


A month after she recovered, I took the cat back to the veterinary clinic to get vaccinated against the disease. Now she is completely healthy with my family. The cat’s leg has completely recovered.



My family not only has a cat, I have 2 dogs and it also loves the new member very much. I will continue to take care of this lovely and beautiful cat.

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