The dog cried without tears the day he met the cow that raised him

People say that animals have no thoughts, they have no feelings for those who love them. But they do not know who is their master, who loves it, who it will protect when in trouble. The relationship is closer when we are together for a long time.



The sacred mother-child love of a cow and a dog

Here is a touching story about a dog Rookie who lost his mother when he was very young. He is living with many other animals on a farm. And of course, he is looking for a mother who can love and care for him among the other animals in here. He unexpectedly received that sacred maternal love from a cow that he had begun to love as his real biological mother. He began to see the cow as his mother.

The reason may be because he lost his mother very early and he wanted the connection he had always wanted from the cow. The cow also decided to adopt the dog as his biological son. The cow and the dog are truly inseparable when it comes to confirming each other’s motherhood.


The cow even allows some bad habits of the dog like sleeping on his back. This desirable mother-daughter relationship has lasted for 2 years.

After some time, the farmer ran into financial difficulties and made the decision to sell one of the cows on the farm and that cow was Rookie’s mother. The cow doesn’t want that, the cow refuses to go no matter how hard the farmer tries, she clings to her foolish child.


The tearful separation of cow mother and dog

Rookie was completely frozen watching this whole heartbreaking scene and couldn’t believe he was being torn apart. The little boy kept barking, but tears welled up in his sad eyes, waiting for the owner to change his mind so that the mother and daughter could stay together for a long time.


The moment Rookie was placed where his mother was sent. The dog was very upset when the new owner did not allow him to live with his mother. This separation severely affected the dog’s mental health and the dog began to lose appetite and did not want to live. He was so stressed that he just wanted to lie down and not eat or drink anything. He misses his mother very much.

This condition of the dog caused the farmers to rethink their decision and in the end, they decided to buy back the cow that had been sold. We can only imagine the happiness that the dog experienced when he was reunited with his mother, that feeling cannot be expressed in words.


The owner, the cow, the dog, the surrounding animals all felt joy and happiness when looking at this moving scene. The farmer understood the relationship between mother and child and made a very wise decision.

The dog was very happy and very happy to be reunited with his mother. Mother and daughter are entwined every day, eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing together. The farmer saw it and unconsciously had a happy smile on his face, he was happy because the two animals were so lovingly attached even though the two animals were not of the same species and had no relation at all. But they love each other in such a strange way. No scientist has been able to explain this phenomenon.

Looking at them, we again realize that many people can simply give up the child they gave birth to like that. They are willing to abandon their children so foolishly that even animals have such feelings, so why should we treat them like that?
I hope that mother and daughter will always love each other like that. No child will leave their mother or child, let’s live together forever like this.

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