The Feral Cat Was Adopted While Pregnant, Two Days After Giving Birth, The Kittens Were Born!

Young girl Jessica encounters a feral cat in front of an abandoned house at the end of last month. She’s an animal rescue team volunteer, she can’t leave without checking on the cat to see how it is. Jessica recounts: “That day I was working and I saw a cat walking on the street with a pregnant belly, and it looks like she needs help”.

The mother cat is wandering on the street, she desperately needs help, and she knows she’s about to give birth.



The meeting of the mother cat with Jessica gave her a home. when Jessica approached the pregnant cat, the cat immediately approached Jessica when she saw her presence. “ I bent down, held out my hand and the cat came right up to me”.


The cat is very friendly and comfortable with me, I understand he needs help, so I contacted my colleague at the animal rescue team for assistance. I named the mother cat Mia, I brought Mia home to nurture and take good care of. When she’s fed, she eats like she’s been starving for a long time.



That very night, I prepared her a very warm bed and prepared her to welcome the kittens. After 2 days of rest, she gave birth to 6 very healthy and lovely kittens. Mia is a great mom cat, she knows how to take care of her kids.


Jessica also helps Mia take care of the kittens, and also takes care of Mia.
So after a while of wandering the streets, Mia has found a home and kittens. At least it has allowed her children to be born in a good environment, well taken care of, and have a happy life.

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