The First Baby Tortoises To Be Born On Galapagos Island In A Century!

The baby turtle is not only rare, but it also appears to be very cute!

Always good to hear that a nearly exti.nct species is on the rebound. 💞☺💞


It’s wonderful to witness the resurgence of an end.ang.ered species. On the tiny Pinzón island in the Galapagos, researchers discovered ten young, newly hatched saddleback turtles early last month for the first time in more than a century. There could be more because their size and camouflage make them difficult to find.


They discovered that giant tortoises can reproduce on their own in the wild once more!

The species was [de.cim.ated] by [wha.lers] and invasive rats arriving by sea in the 17th and 18th centuries, but it was this rat that had a long-term predatory effect on its young.

Authorities made an effort by [cul.ling] black rats from Pinzón, and the island was declared rat-free in 2012. Furthermore, they have raised baby turtles in [cap.tiv.ity] until they are old enough to survive rodent predation and att.ack



Since the establishment of the Galapagos National Park in 1959, turtle populations have rebounded from approximately 100 to 200 “very old individuals” to a current population estimated to be “over 500”

That’s great to hear! 100 years is a long time to make a comeback! 🐢



The discovery of rare newborn baby turtles is tangible proof that conservation efforts can produce positive results with dedication, hard work, support, and the heart of the human.

It’s incredible to witness the proliferation of these beautiful turtles.

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