The House Was Completely Burned Down, And This Old Man Thought He Had Lost Everything, But This Is The Last Ray Of Hope!

An 83-year-old man named Ali Brake thought he had lost everything. His house burned down in a terrible fire, leaving him homeless and homeless. But one very important thing was saved – his tiny blond cat.

According to a news report, Brake, who lives in a small village in western Turkey, tried to light a gas stove in his home. But something went wrong and there was a small explosion in his living room, causing the fire to engulf his one-story wooden house.



Neighbors immediately called firefighters, and the rescuers managed to save Brake and his cat.

But it was too late to save their house – it collapsed on itself, leaving behind a dump of wooden boards and a metal roof.

Brake hugged his frightened cat as firefighters inspected the damage. Brake leaned on a cane and pressed the cat to his chest with the other hand. Neither of them looked like they wanted to let the other go.



During the fire, Brake was injured – not serious, but he had to go to the hospital. While he was recovering, his story spread throughout Turkey. The Turkish Red Crescent, part of the International Red Cross, presented Brake with gifts in the hospital.

But the gifts were intended not only for Brake but also for his cat. Representatives of the Red Crescent gave Brake a warm blanket and a new cat bed with a cat carrier.


“Let’s keep him and his cat warm,” Red Crescent President Kerem Kinik tweeted. Soon, Brake has reunited with his beloved cat someone brought the little cat directly to the hospital.


Brake was incredibly happy, he hugged his cat, and a smile appeared on his face.

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