The Kangaroo Who Was Rescued Is Unable To Stop Hugging The People Who Saved Her Life

Animals, like humans, have sentiments – there’s no doubt about it. Particularly when it comes to those who look after them or those who have saved their lives. The story of Abigail, one of the most devoted rescued animals in the world, is arguably the finest illustration



The sad young kangaroo lost her mother when she was just a few months old. It was when she landed in Alice Springs, Australia, at the Kangaroo Sanctuary. The volunteers greeted her with wide arms and a great deal of love. Of course, the tiny one reacted in kind, and 10 years later, hugging those who rescued and cared for her has become a daily ritual for her.


Abigail acquired the title of “Queen” of the shelter for her kind, beautiful demeanor. Abi now greets every member of the staff at the center with a loving embrace.

“Abi was reared by Roger and Ella from a joey… Abi was a 5 month old orphan who was covered in wounds and scrapes when she arrived at my house. Abi has grown into a healthy 7-year-old and is the only kangaroo who comes up to me and cuddles me like a rugby tackle. Abi is also exceptionally light in color, and I believe she is rather lovely,” the Sanctuary Alice Springs stated on Facebook.



Here’s a look into Queen’s everyday routine:

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