The Loneliest Elephant In The World Is Released After 35 Years

After spending more than 35 years confined in a cage, the lonelyest elephant in the world will finally be freed from the Marghazar Zoo in the Pakistani city of Isalamabad.

Animal rights advocates made the terrible existence of the elephant Kaavan one of their primary concerns, and after struggling and demanding his freedom, they ultimately succeeded in moving the elephant to a location where his way of life will totally alter.



Since entering prison in 1985, Kaavan had lost his girlfriend in 2012, and as a result, he had experienced ongoing loneliness.

Furthermore, the administration had permanently mistreated and neglected the unfortunate animal, prompting FOUR PAWS, a global group for animal welfare, to step in and take over the investigation.


Kaavan underwent a general examination on September 4, and according to the organization’s Martn Bauer, Kaavan was given the all-clear to travel. It is reported that he would likely travel to Cambodia, where he will likely find better living circumstances and the company of other elephants, however his particular location is unknown at this time.


Kaavan lived in a tiny cage, all by herself, in appalling circumstances, and had a very miserable and challenging existence in the zoo.

Despite presenting indications of hunger, the medical test found that he was overweight. His nails were also damaged from years of walking on a floor that hurt his legs.


In a statement, Martin stated:


He also started to exhibit stereotypical behavior, which included repetitive side-to-side head movements. He is primarily bored as a result.

The Marghazar Zoo was forced to close by the High Court of the nation because of the egregious circumstances there, which were ascribed to widespread negligence.

Animal advocates from all around the world turned their attention to saving Kaavan from the appalling circumstances he endured. Celebrities like American singer Cher pushed for her early release and relocation since her case received so much media attention.



John said:

“Unfortunately, the rescue comes too late for two lions who passed away during a transfer attempt in late July when local animal caretakers set fire to their cage to force them into their transport boxes,” reads a statement from the rescue organization.

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