The Most Adorable Rescue Mission! A Scared Sloth Stuck On A Highway Was Saved By A Police

One does not simply cross the road, especially if one is a… sloth.

The unexpected passerby went on an adventure in Quevedo, central Ecuador. But the sloth’s engine ran out in the middle of the road. That’s when the local police went on the most adorable rescue mission and commemorated it by posting pictures on their Facebook page.


The little traveller had gained many fans who were glad to know that the story ended well.


But the most important question still remains: why did the sloth cross the road..?

This fuzzy little sloth got into trouble while attempting to cross a busy highway in Equador. With no where to go, the helpless and terrified animal clung on to a median for safety.

Fortunately, a group of transit officers in Equador spotted the ‘beautiful’ sloth and rescued it.


“We want to let you know the sloth was rescued and taken by our officers to a doctor, who said the sloth was in good conditions to be returned to its habitat,” the Transit Authority wrote in a comment on the Facebook post.


The pool of water surrounding the sloth suggests that the poor animal was more than just petrified.

This adorable sloth learns it the hard way never to cross a highway in the future.



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