The Poor Cat Almost Died Because There Was No Food And Water, Fortunately, There Was A Couple To Help Him.

From an abandoned feral cat that seemed about to leave the world, but after three years, the cat has become a much stronger and fatter guy. The story touched many people.

Seeing the cat playing healthy, the guy who saved the cat was very emotional. He recalled the time three years ago when he was drinking coffee with friends when his wife called home. Turns out, on the way home from the market, his wife accidentally heard a cat’s cry for help, it looked so pitiful, so I decided to call her husband to rescue it.



The couple brought the cat to the veterinary clinic, where the doctor could not find any disease or injury on the cat’s body. Maybe it’s because it’s so small, it has to endure the cold for a long time, so its body temperature drops. The doctor advised the couple to bring the cat home to warm up and give it milk to monitor its condition.


But luckily, a miracle happened, by the third day, the cat seemed to be better. It squealed and crawled out of its nest, going over to the bigger cats in the house to fight for food.

Originally a feral cat, the cat is quite gluttonous and healthy, it is not afraid of any big cats in the house, it even attacks them.



The vet diagnosed the cat’s health as very weak, but the couple was still determined to save the poor cat’s life. Few people expect that the once weak kitten has now become a big fat cat, the belly is bloated, looking like a “pregnant” cat.

The couple shared about the cat: “This cat is the most naughty and fiercest in my house, it fights for other cats’ sleep, food and toys without fear.”



From a stray cat on the roadside, almost dying of hunger and thirst, but the cat is very lucky to have this couple to help, many netizens also thanked the couple for helping the cat get back to life.


Hopefully, the cat will quickly recover from the illness, change his personality, and not compete with other cats so that the couple will not have to bully him.

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