The reindeer was discovered with beautiful and rare white color in Norway

The reindeer found in Norway is considered a very rare and a marvel of nature. You look like a white blanket being lost in the snow. Many people hold a camera all their life just wanting to take a memorable photo and encounter things that we deserve to admire. However, not everyone has that luck, sometimes it comes by accident and simple coincidence that we do not anticipate it happens at such a simple moment. The great thing is that.



Reindeer has beautiful fur that makes us look up.

Photographer Mads Nordsveen from Oslo was hiking with his friends as usual in Norway when he caught his eye with something he couldn’t resist: a full-white, roaming reindeer. ladder on the thick snow in the middle of a bitter white sky. To be honest, he had almost disappeared in that white snow, but it was still hard not to recognize such a wonderful creature. He is very gentle and calm, he wears a cold white color from head to toe, making it very difficult for us to recognize this animal and that is also a special point for him to hide from enemies.


Nordsveen recounts: “I was walking in the mountains looking for cool things to do travel photography when out of nowhere I looked and discovered this extremely strange and wonderful object. “He came very close to me, I also went close to him and the two of us looked directly into each other’s eyes as if it was obvious that the surroundings were blurred.”

Although he camouflages very carefully, the animal is not shy in front of people. He had no intention of running away or attacking the stranger. Needless to say, the boy immediately won Nordsveen’s heart with his cheerful and outgoing nature. He is also not afraid to pose in front of the camera to create many beautiful and unique photos for us to experience together.



“He was very comfortable seeing me so calm and friendly,” said the 24-year-old photographer. “It was almost as if he was posing for the camera. He is very curious and amused by the world around him – which I have given to this particular animal. Like a little adventurer searching for his own world.”

The beauty of the little reindeer

However, their happy meeting didn’t really last long. The calf’s mother appeared soon after and they quickly parted.
Although the meeting could not last long. The calf’s mother is looking for him to quickly bring him home to avoid other predators.
“After a few minutes, the baby reindeer’s mother took him far away,” he said. “He walked around for a few minutes before running back to his mother.

However, Nordsveen will never forget that precious and wonderful moment.
“It was a very magical moment and it was like mother nature created the soul of the entire universe,” the man continued. “Perhaps one day we’ll meet again to give each other those emotional glances.”

White reindeer are extremely rare animals in the wild. Despite their flawless white coat, it’s not hard to see that they’re not albino as these charming creatures still have some black pigment in their eyes and antlers. In fact, it’s an uncommon genetic mutation that separates pigment from their fur, rendering them colorless.



This reindeer species is difficult to find and extremely rare in the wild. Let’s protect them the way we protect our lives so we can see these countless reindeer many more times.

Hope the reindeer mother and daughter always live happily and happily. Hopefully one day I can meet that reindeer again to see him grow up and protect the people he loves.

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