The sad little cat could not walk, but there is hope

This is Smoke, a cat who hasn’t had much luck in her life, writes animaland

Her owner together with a veterinarian, who comes from Novokuznetsk, made sure that she arrived at the Best clinic where he would take care of her. The reason this is necessary is that the cat has suffered severe injuries. She is four years old, she is from Britain. She suffered severe frostbite in her ears, feet and tail. It happened while running away from the owner she had a long time ago.


According to the vet, such cases often occur with cats during the winter. When it is very cold, the clinic can receive 5-6 small creatures that have frozen, more precisely their paws and ears.

The man, who now cares about Smoke, has opted for something amazing. They made her prosthetic ears. Natalie Helberg and Sergio Esposito are veterinarians who made sure that the design of titanium bionic prosthetics succeeded so that the cat could walk that way again. They then used a 3D printer to print those new paws.


At first, this unfortunate cat only got dentures on its front small paws, while after a few weeks it got the same on its hind paws. It was no problem for her to get used to the new paws, so she soon started walking again and doing some usual things.

Smoke even found a new friend at the clinic where he was staying. It was a cat named Archie. They had the same problem and, fortunately, came up with the same solution. And he also got new paws.



In late 2019, when a little over half a year had passed since the surgery, the Best Clinic shared content related to the life of the unfortunate cat Smoke. Prosthetics served her, and the cat was very content and happy.


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