The Unusual Four-Toed Rodent Who Constantly Appears Tired, Bored, And In Need Of A Sleep

For more than a year, the epidemic has significantly altered the majority’s way of life. Several countries are still subject to norms of isolation and separation.



Many people have begun working from home and taking over the education of their children as they acclimate to virtual classes. However, no one anticipated the massive damage that the coronavirus would bring, and it is fair to say that on more than one occasion, we have been fatigued and resembled this strange monster.


It all comes down to the vizcacha. It is a mouse species that is only found in South America and is distinguished by a peculiar expression that makes it appear horribly sad and worn.


This amiable rodent’s legs have four toes and its hair is gray or yellow with some black features. Their skin is thick yet velvety, and they may grow to be up to 80 cm long.


It is not a well-known species, but a user on Twitter, @goblinkoening, recently published a pair of photographs that went viral.


Sarah, like many others, had no knowledge vizcachas existed, but as soon as she did, she determined to spread the word about them through her social networks.

The post received over 300,000 likes, and many people began to leave comments about how precious the small rodents were.



The vizcacha has a nocturnal existence and spends the most of the day sitting. As a result, whenever a photographer gets to capture him in broad daylight, he invariably appears tired.

The vizcachas’ extended whiskers are one of its most distinguishing characteristics. They give it such a strange and drowsy appearance that many network users have concluded that there could be no better graphic depiction to describe our state of mind during the quarantine.



Unfortunately, this lovely animal is killed for human food in some locations, but in nations such as Chile, it is recognized as an endangered species and hunting is absolutely prohibited.


We hope that these friendly dried apricots receive all of the attention they require to thrive peacefully in their natural environment.

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