The Vet Was Supposed To Put This Dog Down But Decided To Save Him And He Thanked Her With A Kiss

Deebo was scheduled to be put to sleep by this doctor; at the very least, the dog’s owner requested it. But Rock Hill, South Carolina’s Lesslie Animal Hospital’s owner, Dr. Eric Setzer, knew he couldn’t. Instead, he made the choice to save him, and as a thank you, he kissed him.

Dr. Setzer stated to The Dodo:



“We got a report that a dog was being put to sleep because he had a tumor on his face and was just five years old, which attracted my eye because five-year-old dogs aren’t usually put to sleep.”

The moment Deebo entered the room, the veterinarian saw the dog’s bad health: he was malnourished, had a skin issue, and infections in both ears. Then there was the issue with his face: rather than being a tumor as the owner had claimed, it was a collection of abscesses. Additionally, it was discovered that Deebo had heartworms.


But according to Dr. Setzer, all of Deebo’s medical issues might be resolved:


“I offered her a figure for the cost of the procedure, but she insisted that she still wanted to put him to sleep since she couldn’t afford it. So I asked her to donate it to the zoo.”

After the owner consented, Setzer got in touch with rescuers from Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue who promised to help collect money to cover Deebo’s medical expenses and assist him in finding a new home.


Deebo needs to improve first though. The dog had over a month to spend at the veterinarian clinic, which gave him plenty of opportunity to get to know the guy who had saved him.
Says Sezer


“One of those really slothful dogs, he. You can tell that all he wants is to be touched and loved since he has a tendency to lean into you. He simply leaned towards me and was quite kind.”


Setzer did not save Deebo from being put to death on his own. Another pit dog named Snoop, who is now a member of his family, was saved by this veterinarian in 2014.

Eric Setzer’s daughter Carly shared the following with The Dodo:


He was a few months old when his owner brought him in. He needed to have his leg removed, but [the owner] refused to pay for any type of operation for him, so we weren’t really sure of the condition. He thus intended to have him make a sacrifice, but my father decided that he should do it in place of him.

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