They Find An Abandoned And Injured Puppy Who Cared For Even His Smallest Friends

Chrissy Beckles and a few of her coworkers were strolling along a beach in Puerto Rico when they noticed a dog roaming about in a mound of trash. They were aware that there were actually three cubs as they drew nearer. The abandoned dog also looked for and guarded her little companions.



The Sato Project’s president and creator, Chrissy, said to The Dodo:

“It was a very depressing scene. They were actually seated on a pile of trash. It was a sweltering day, and there was nothing to eat or drink.”

A group called The Sato Project saves dogs from the streets of Puerto Rico.


The three cubs seemed to be the same age, but Maximus was bigger and didn’t seem to be linked to the other cubs.


Cathy remarked:

“I’m not sure if they were left together or if they just happened to run across one another. Nevertheless, Maximus was like the oldest sibling, and the group was quite close.”

But Maximus really needed assistance. Chrissy observed something drastically wrong with her back legs as she moved.

Cathy remarked:


He was really afraid to walk when I stood him up to check if he could. Instead of advancing forward, he was scuttling sideways like a crab. The level of suffering this small puppy was experiencing is beyond my comprehension.


However, Maximus didn’t appear to be disturbed by the discomfort; instead, he was more concerned about the other cubs.

However, Chrissy and her group took Maximus and the other puppies to the veterinarian after picking them up. Maximus’s injuries were severe, as seen in the clinic’s X-ray.


Cathy remarked:

“Its two damaged legs were quite sorrowful, and practically all of the bones in one leg were gone. The worst part was that her femur wasn’t shattered cleanly; it had split in two and was badly misaligned.”


Maximus’s specific circumstances are unknown, but Chrissy believes he was hit by a car, and the car’s wheels passed directly over the puppy’s paws. The veterinarian did not think he could save his legs after inspecting him.

“The veterinarian then informed me, “This doesn’t seem good.” Two of this puppy’s legs are severely broken. We can apply a cast, but I believe there is significant damage. There’s a chance he’ll drop one.”


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