They Photograph The Breathtaking Moment When A Family Of Cheetahs Traverses A Crocodile-Infested River

Nature provides us with one-of-a-kind and magnificent experiences, and lucky for us, some of them are captured on film by people who have the luxury of observing them.

And that’s exactly what happened to professional photographers Arnfinn Johansen and Buddhilini De Soyza when they found themselves in front of a herd of cats about to cross the river.



Despite the fact that wildlife photographers have some of the riskiest occupations, the incredible photographs they take make for a tremendously fulfilling career.

The magnificent images taken by Arnfinn Johansen and Buddhilini De Soyza while exploring Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park are the product of days of hard labor.

These photographers were able to capture a family of five cheetahs that had been following them for days and had finally emerged from the thicket.



Although seeing such a huge family of these species is unusual, it was what these animals did that left these photographers, as well as millions of other users of social media, speechless.

Arnfinn and Buddhilini, fortunately for us, were working in an African refuge and were able to catch the cats as they gathered to cross a torrential river that had been inundated by severe rains.


The river was extremely dangerous, not only because of the strong current, but also because there were crocodiles waiting for their meal and staring at the cats as if it were a nice supper at home.


“It’s no surprise they wanted to cross the Talek River because they hunt on both sides.” “Normally, they would accomplish it by stepping on stones, but this year it rained for a long period, and because of the water, it was extremely difficult for them to do so,” Arnfinn stated.


Arnfinn, a photographer, claimed he had been monitoring the five cheetahs for quite some time.

“They had been wandering down the river for quite some time, seeking for a way to get to the other side, but it was quite risky owing to the high current.” “Also, the Nile crocodile lives in that river,” Arnfinn continued.



These photographers couldn’t believe it when these creatures emerged out of nowhere in front of them, ready to do something wild. They had been following these animals for days without success when they suddenly appeared in front of them, ready to do something insane.

When the cheetahs started diving into the water, they hardly had time to get their glasses ready.


“First, the cheetah leader dove into the river, followed by two more. “The two tiniest cheetahs in the group paused for a few moments before following them,” Arnfinn explained.


“The herd swam as quickly as they possibly could.” “It was clear they didn’t like it,” Arnfinn added.

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