They Rescue A Rare Golden Baby Possum That Looks Like A Real-Life ‘Pikachu’

The animal realm never fails to astound us with its delights, and this time we bring you the story of a lovely newborn golden possum saved by a Melbourne resident. Fortunately, the father decided to take her to the Boronia Veterinary Clinic, where her gleaming coat drew everyone’s attention.

Boronia Veterinary Clinic’s Dr. Stephen Reinisch recalls pleasantly the first day the young opossum arrived at the clinic, when she was hesitant but thankfully open to the personnel. Dr. Stephen explained:



“She was found on the ground by a member of the public, and we believe she had slipped off her mother’s back.” We believe she was roughly 5 months old at the time, and at that age, she should have been living and being cared for by her mother.”

After studying it, the medical team found that its dazzling brightness is caused by the absence of melanin, the pigment responsible for imparting color to living creatures’ hair, eyes, and skin. The clinic responded to the situation in a publication:


“At the clinic, we recently acquired a really unusual opossum. She’s a golden variant of the ordinary brushtail possum, which is quite unusual. The golden hue is caused by a mutation that results in a low level of melanin, which is responsible for their typical color.


This lovely opossum captivated everyone with its fur, which appeared to be flecked with microscopic gold flecks, and which was clearly worth admiring. However, the same qualities that made it so unusual and beautiful also put it at a disadvantage in its native home, since its brightness makes it easy prey for predators.


“They’re so scarce in the wild that, although their vivid color helps them stand out to humans, it also makes them shine out to predators!” Fortunately for this youngster, she has been placed with keepers to be reared, and she will eventually end up in a wildlife refuge where she will be able to have a long and happy life,” the clinical center stated.

Without a sure, it was a completely unique experience for everyone of the employees, who had never seen a golden possum before and were ignorant of its existence, thus the entrance of the new resident at the clinical center prompted everyone to launch a brief inquiry that startled them even more.



They discovered that there are more golden possums in the region after an extensive examination. Although we are used to seeing brown possums, there are other less frequent color variants such as gold or yellow, which makes them truly unique. Dr. Stephen emphasized the following:

“Other possums with this color mutation exist in the wild, although they are less frequent. Because they don’t conceal as effectively as brown possums, their brilliant hue makes them an easier target for predators.”

Despite the fact that there are far more golden possums than experts predicted, they choose to keep their location secret for the sake of the animals’ wellbeing.


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