They Rescued A Bear, A Tiger, And A Lion As Kids, And They Are Now Great Friends

We can’t dispute that predators have their own set of survival principles in the animal realm. When we think of a lion, a tiger, or a bear, the last thing that comes to mind is that these three very different species can build an unbreakable relationship that drives them to form a pack of opposing alpha males.

This is precisely what happened in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2001, when police searched a trafficker’s home and discovered an awful scenario.


Three pups in the basement were in awful shape, completely starved and infested with parasites.


A little African lion named Leo had suffered a major facial injury. Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger, was severely underweight. A black bear named Baloo had a harness that was so tight it caused a lot of harm to his skin.

Naturally, the officers were taken aback when they saw these helpless creatures, especially given the circumstances in which they were rescued. They soon contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, which was tasked with transporting the animals.



Her rescuers determined that they would spend the remainder of their lives in a sanctuary with more than one square kilometer of lush area where they could grow free and happy. However, putting them back into their original environment was no longer an option.

Allison Hedgecoth, the curator in charge of the three animals, says they were still afraid when they arrived to the shelter and clung to each other to defend themselves.


They acquired confidence and came out of their shells to cuddle and play around the sanctuary as time went on. It’s a gift from nature to see them together.


After overcoming the harshest of imprisonment experiences together, they had undoubtedly formed a wonderful unconditional trio, and they now supported each other like brothers.


The sanctuary staff promised to separate them once they reached sexual maturity, but as they got older, they developed an unshakable relationship, so they decided to keep them together as adults.

This diverse and amazing three slept, ate, and shared the same room for more than two decades. Something that is extremely difficult to see in its native environment.



The most touching and exceptional relationship was developed by three predators who were diametrically opposed:

Despite their huge size, these little creatures are unable to be separated. Alisson had something to say about it:


“Despite the fact that they reside in a vast cage, they are frequently less than 30 meters apart. That proves that they don’t only coexist or coexist, but that they love each other’s presence and can’t imagine life without one another.”


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