This Cat Is Going Viral For Its Hilariously Dramatic Reactions

Meet Ah Fei, a hilariously cute cat that has captured the internet’s hearts for his incredibly expressive and dramatic facial expressions. Rescued from the streets by his new owner, Ah Fei, which means ‘fat’ in Mandarin, is a sweet, silly cat that loves his food.



Laziness aside, Ah Fei is nevertheless very responsive to stimuli, with his feelings about the stick being waved in his face, or the food being taken away from him, clear for all to see.


Ah Fei lives his drama queen life in Jiangsu, China, where he and his owner Tang Chang hang out and play all kinds of games. Many of which do, however, seem designed to get the latest meme-worthy expression out of this famous cat though!


If we didn’t know better, we’d assume that the poor kitty was in a constant state of stress, terror and disappointment. It clearly doesn’t take much to get Ah Fei worked up. Get that disgusting feather away from me, vile human!



Whatever this dog is trying to do to that pig, Ah Fei is clearly unimpressed. Joy? Happiness? Frolicking with other animals? Give me a break…


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